Small Boats


Victoria Pier - Colwyn Bay

Situated alongside the Victoria Pier in Colwyn Bay and can be used at any state of the tide. There is a concrete slipway from the promenade leading onto a concrete apron and then onto the beach itself. Although the sand looks firm enough (and usually is) considerable care should be exercised during launching and retrieving especially on an in-coming tide.

It is strongly suggested that the boat be fully prepared for launch whilst still on the promenade so that the least possible time is spent with the boat and trailer down on the beach. This could be specially true as the in-coming tide can often make the sand very unstable causing the trailer wheels to sink into the sand. Once the boat is firmly on the trailer it is suggested that it be moved quickly back on to the promenade.

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The Beacons - Conwy Morfa

The Beacons site on Conwy Morfa, close to the Marina. There is a concrete slipway at the top of the beach leading onto a roughly cobbled beach with, at low water, a rather steep slope down to the river.

Whilst 4 x 4 drive vehicles are preferred at this site a two wheeled drive car is quite adequate provided it is not reversed beyond the concrete slipway. If necessary a boat and trailer can easily be belayed down to the water by rope and / or retrieved by rope. Care should be exercised at this site especially during the higher range of ebbing tides as the outflow can be quite severe.

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